An Essential Guide To A Great Bodybuilding Workout

By Emmanuel Palmer

An Essential Guide To A Great Bodybuilding Workout
Guide To A Great Bodybuilding Workout
Guide To A Great Bodybuilding Workout

Do you want body like the Terminator? Many people do. Problem is, not everybody is willing to do the hard work to get there. If you want a great physique you will need a bodybuilding workout, complete with weight lifting programs that pushes you to go beyond your perceived endurance. So the question really is; how bad do you want it? If you think you can take the challenge, this article will help you achieve your goal.

It’s time to start and where better than working out with one of the best woman magnets of all times-a big and well-defined chest. Remember, to make the most out of your regimen by always taking time to warm up well and stretch thoroughly. This prepares your body for the upcoming physical stress it is about to endure.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps of bench press. Start with the lighter weight and progress to the heavier loads with 3 sets of 8 reps done to failure. Emphasize the training on your upper chest muscles by angling the bench to 25 to 30 degree angle of either incline or decline. You can combine chest training with arm exercises. Again, begin with lighter loads and build up the weights of your loads.

Crunches are still the most reliable exercise to sculpt and trim the stomach muscles. When performing this exercise, put your arms across your chest and not under your head. This significantly lessens strain you might put on your neck inadvertently. Supplement the crunches with leg raises, done either lying down with your hands under your behind; or sitting on a bench with your torso angled slightly and your feet not touching the ground. For obliques, hold a couple of dumbbells on each hand and bend from side to side slowly.

Even if a well-developed back seldom get appreciative glances unlike the chest of biceps, you need to work this muscle group out a lot because it is a cornerstone of your body’s muscular strength. You use this muscle group a lot in and out of the gym. The best back workouts for beginners are the pull ups, chin ups and dead lifts. After a while include the upright rows and lat pull downs for the upper back; one arm dumbbell rows and seated rows for the middle back; and bent over barbell rows for the lower back.

The shoulders are the body parts most challenging to work out. Use the seated shoulder press, military press exercise, lateral raises and the machine press to target this muscle group. Start with a couple of warm up sets with weights that are 50% of what you normally use. Never exercise the triceps before the shoulders.

Leg muscle workouts are physically exhausting. The upside is you see results without much problem. The squats are the basic exercise for the legs. This particular bodybuilding workout hits almost all areas of your legs effectively. Incorporate lunges, leg curls, calf raises and several hamstring exercises. You want big strong thighs to carry the weight of your big strong body.

Weight lifting programs challenge us to be stronger men not just through big muscles, but through the tenacity in which we aggressively pursue our goals. In the end we go away not just with good health and a great physique; we get a champion’s attitude to face every other challenge thrown at us-and overcome through it all.

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An Essential Guide To A Great Bodybuilding Workout

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