The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively

By Emmanuel Palmer

The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively

Summer is drawing near and you are panicking because you are still as pale and skinny as ever, what do you do? Go out buy a tanning lotion and enroll in your nearest gym as soon as possible. Thus far, in your single-minded mission on the fastest way to build muscle, you are on the right track.

The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively
The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively

So now you have a new found zest for fitness – or the rediscovered childhood trauma of being made fun of. Either way, you will get the desired results if you want it bad enough. Before we start, it is a good idea to understand the basic principle on how bodies build bigger muscle. See, progressive overload is increasing the amount of weight your body carries – it reacts by building stronger tissues which we now recognized as bigger muscles.

Consult with your personal trainer about the drills you will be doing and the weights you should be carrying. As a rule of thumb, the ideal weight load for you is the one that will enable you to continue lifting until the 8th or 12th rep without losing the correct form. A lower weight load is good enough for strength training but in muscle building we are aiming to push your body to stimulate muscle growth so aim to do at least 8 reps per set and 8 sets per target muscle group.

As you exercise, your muscle tissues get a few tears in it especially when you lift the heavier weights. To speed up the process of repairing these tissues you will need to get in as much protein as you can in your diet. Chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts, sea food and cheese are excellent, and delicious I might add, sources of protein. Know your recommended protein intake per day by multiplying your lean mass weight (total body weight less the amount of fat) by 2.75.

Experts have opposing views on the amount of fat serious bodybuilders should have in their diet. Fat increases muscle building hormones, so if you are set in getting a bigger body, include fat in your meals. It is a good idea to monitor yourself closely in this matter because if you ever take time off from training without changing your food intake, you will continue gaining weight but with less than attractive results. Drink plenty of fluids to fuel your workout sessions; 10-12 glasses of water a day is advised.

And last but definitely not the least; build bigger muscle by getting quality sleep. You read right, sleep is a very important and often overlooked factor in physical development. When you exercise and get tears in your muscles, a good rest work to repair these tissues effectively giving you bigger and stronger muscles. Sleep also stimulates blood flow to the other muscles, preparing it for the next day.

You just finished reading the simplest and fastest way to build muscle. Eat well, drink well, and sleep well – that doesn’t really sound too hard now does it? Make sure that you do not have existing physical conditions that certain drills will aggravate; after that, you are free to make the most out of your training. Enjoy! Working out can be challenging but nothing beats seeing the great physique all that exercising has paid for.

The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively

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The Fastest Way To Build Muscle Effectively

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