What Are The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet

By Alice Wet
What Are The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet
The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet
The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet

What are healthy oils for my body? you might be wondering. Not all oil is exactly the same. Many are created as the result of chemical processes. So, if you’ve ever asked the question, ‘what are healthy oils for my body’, then the answer is generally that natural fats are probably the best. However, it’s not always that simple as some oils are better uncooked and others are better when used in the cooking process.

Oil generally comes to your plate in two distinct forms: processed and unprocessed. The processed kind, like vegetable, sunflower, canola, rapeseed and others, were introduced around the 1900s. This was when chemical processes made it easy for them to be manufactured. The trouble is, these foods have to be altered with chemicals to get into a state that allows us to eat them.

Healthy fats are out there, and are usually those that have not been altered by chemicals in any way. These days there is no reason to eat processed foods or processed oil because of the wide range of non-processed fats out there. One such fat is olive oil, which has a high level of monounsaturated fat and low levels of polyunsaturated fat. When used in salads as a dressing, or in homemade mayo, it tastes very nice.

A product that many people have not heard of coconut oil. As with so many natural oils, the fruit is pressed until the oils come out. It has not come as the result of chemical altering at all. The product has a high level of lauric acid as well as other fatty acids. The thing to understand is that not all oil is bad for you, we need fat to boost our energy levels and keep us going through the day. The great thing about coconut oil is that it can be used in the cooking process.

What may be of some surprise to people is that meat is mentioned as a good type of fat. Often we hear advice from people that we should cut down on our consumption of red meat because it is bad for our health. The problem with meat isn’t so much the animal, but the way it’s been treated. If the animal is treated well then the meat is usually of a superior quality, as is the fat. Try choosing free range corn-fed chickens and beef from cows that are fed on grass.

Butter is something that many people seem to think ill of. It’s a product that’s created from natural processes with natural ingredients. Although, like anything, it should be consumed to excess, it does have its health benefits, in the form of soluble fat vitamins.some have linked the product to increased nutrition absorption and also to disease prevention.

One thing that people have become more aware of is the need to buy organic produce. One of the best places to start is dairy products, thinks such as cheese and cream. These have been produced naturally and might well be high in saturated fat, but are usually better than their processed counterparts. Also remember that if you have cream with fruit, or cheese with tomatoes, you’re having a healthier meal than if you have the dairy product alone.

So to those wondering what are healthy oils for my body? the answer lies in the way the fats are processes. It’s usually commonsense to think that naturally occurring oil is healthier than something that has been altered using chemicals. To this end, things like fish have essential oils that are useful for the body, as does palm oil and avocado oil.

What Are The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet
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What Are The Top Fats To Devour For A Healthy Diet

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